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Please find below the most frequently asked questions:


What is PUSHAS?

PUSHAS is Australia's Premium Sneaker Marketplace where you can safely buy and sell authenticated hyped sneakers.

PUSHAS is also an apparel brand, releasing limited, highly-sought after pieces weekly.

PUSHAS runs two nightclubs: Faded & The Trap House in Sydney. 

As the premium embodiment of this culture, PUSHAS stands for style, quality, community, and authenticity. 

As we continue to collaborate with grassroots creatives, musicians, and those who continue to push the boundaries of artistic expression, PUSHAS continues to evolve — while developing a trademark attitude that cannot be replicated. 


Are prices in USD or AUD?

All prices are in $AUD.


How are sneakers priced? Why are prices different for same sneaker?

This is because of two reasons:

1. Pricing is determined by the seller of the sneaker. Some sellers might price their sneakers higher, while others are lower.

2. Demand & Supply. Some sizes are more popular than others (or more rare) and so they may be priced higher or lower depending on this.


How is the condition of a sneaker determined?

PUSHAS only accepts sneakers that are 10/10.

New: 10/10 Condition


Do sneakers come with original box and receipt?

All sneakers come with original box unless stated otherwise under condition.

Not all sneakers come with receipts, as our sellers may have bought 2+ items and would not have enough receipts for items. 


How much is shipping?

Shipping for Sneakers from PUSHAS to the buyer is from $10 - depending on your state. 

Shipping for PUSHAS Apparel starts from $5 depending on your state. 


Is PUSHAS and the sneakers on here legit?

PUSHAS PTY LTD (ACN: 617 810 554) is an ASIC-regulated proprietary limited company operating registered under Australian law. It's in both your interest and ours that we provide you with legitimate sneakers in order to stay in business. Read more about our Legitimacy Guarantee here


What is the selling process?

Sellers need to go through an application process to become a seller. This is because PUSHAS only accepts the best sellers to ensure quality sneakers are sold. The current acceptance rate is about 1/7 applications.

Once a seller is accepted, they are able to send sneakers to PUSHAS to be listed. Once sold, the seller will receive the listed price of the sneaker minus the seller fee

    To apply to become a seller, click here


    What if I'm a seller and I would like my unsold sneakers returned from PUSHAS?

    If you have a sneaker with us that you would like returned, all you need to do is email us listing the sneaker you would like returned and pay for shipping.

    Should you sell your sneakers to a private buyer and not through our platform, we will even ship the sneakers to the buyer to help make things easier for you. Again, please email us and let us know and organise payment for shipping.

    As of May 2017, our shipping rate for returns is $18 domestically and $60 internationally.

    Once a sneaker is sold, it can no longer be returned to you. 


    Why should I sell on PUSHAS rather than on Facebook Groups?

    Even though you might be getting a bit more by selling it yourself, you are actually spending a lot of time to take photos to list on Facebook, negotiate with buyers, manage sales and inventory, and other admin. With a lot of sellers flooding the market on Facebook, it is also hard to cut through the noise.

    While PUSHAS takes a small service fee, we eliminate the time you spend on these tasks saving you money in the long run. If you price your time at $30 an hour, that's exactly what you're losing by doing these tasks. Instead, selling on PUSHAS means that you let us work for you, and make you money while you sleep (or do other things to bring you in more money). 

    Not to mention, we offer AfterPay as well. Can you offer AfterPay on Facebook Groups? Buyers just prefer to buy from PUSHAS. 


    Why should I buy on PUSHAS rather than on Facebook Groups?

    Lets be honest, it's pretty annoying buying on Facebook groups. How many times do buyers miss good deals just because you weren't paying attention? Not to mention the chance of being scammed? How do you know sneakers are legit?

    Prices may be cheap now, but what about the standard Paypal Fees of 4% they charge? Exorbitant shipping fees? It ends up not being cheaper than PUSHAS at all. 

    With PUSHAS, you pay for the listed price and flat shipping. No hidden fees or charges at all.

    Not to mention, we offer AfterPay. Can you pay fortnightly to your seller on Facebook? 

    You know PUSHAS is just better. Do we really need to convince you?


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