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Become a Seller


Selling your sneakers taking too much time? Tired of low-ballers & flakers? Want to earn more by flipping faster?

With PUSHAS, you'll be able to expose your sneakers to tens of thousands of people a week worldwide. They're all on our platform to do one thing: buy sneakers. 


What Are The Fees?*


For more information regarding fees & GST, check out our fee policy

If your beloved sneakers are lost or damaged, you will be reimbursed as though they were sold.

Effective 15 November 2018.

Seller FAQs

Who can be a PUSHAS Seller?

PUSHAS has different benefits to suit both power sellers and one-off casual sellers. It is free to get started and list sneakers.

All sellers will be verified before they can list sneakers with PUSHAS.

What type of sneakers does PUSHAS accept?

PUSHAS only accepts brand new and authentic sneakers.

How much does it cost to list my sneakers?

Becoming a PUSHAS seller and listing your sneakers is free. Once your sneakers have sold on our platform we take a service fee to cover the cost of running the business. 

How does sneaker pricing work?

Sellers are in control of their sneaker prices. You can search for existing sneaker prices on our platform to get a sense for pricing. Prices are not fixed, and you will be able to update them whenever. Sellers also have access to dedicated account managers to assist you with pricing suggestions.


Seller Testimonials

"My sneakers fly off PUSHAS. Now I don't have deal with the most time consuming part of flipping sneakers: Selling." -- Mark L (Sydney)

"Sure I lose a bit off the top, but I'm now selling twice the number of sneakers as I used to selling on Facebook Groups... I end up making more by selling through PUSHAS anyway. " -- Jarrad S (Brisbane)

"I like how selling on PUSHAS is so easy and the team is so helpful. I can just ship off my sneakers weekly and get paid good money. " -- Anthony T (Sydney)


To apply, let us know:

1. How many pairs you intend to sell a month?

2. What sneakers you have ready to sell?

If you are succcessful, we will contact you and let you know how you can start selling your sneakers on PUSHAS.