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The Complete Air Jordan Size Guide


Here is the definitive guide to Air Jordan Sizing.

Both Jordan and Nike sizing can be very confusing. If you don't know your sizing, this Air Jordan Size Guide is the correct guide for you.

Unlike other brands such as Yeezy, the sizing for Air Jordans and Nike can be very straight forward.


  1. Air Jordan Size Chart
  2. How Do Jordans Fit? Are Jordans True-To-Size?
  3. Air Jordans Mens To Womens Size Conversion
  4. How Do I Convert US Womens To Grade School (GS) Sizes?
  5. Comparing Jordan Sizing vs. Nike Sizing?
  6. Conclusion

Air Jordan Size Chart



As you can see, the Air Jordan size chart is rather straightforward.

Using the above size chart, you can decide what size you are in CMs to your US or UK sizing when purchasing Air Jordans.

When purchasing your sneakers, it's important to ensure that you have looked at this size chart to make sure you're purchasing the correct size.

Since PUSHAS is a marketplace, where you are buying brand-new sneakers off other sellers, we do not offer exchanges or refunds so make sure the Air Jordan you buy is the correct size.

How Do Jordans Fit? Are Jordans True-To-Size?

One of the most frequent questions we have is: 'how do Jordans fit?

Air Jordans are true-to-size. The best purchase would be the buy the sneaker size you normally are with any other Air Jordans.

No matter if you're buying an Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 5 or Air Jordan 11, the size you are for each sneaker will be the same across the range.

The answer is just follow your True-To-Size size.


Air Jordan Mens To Womens Size Conversion

The only issue that we commonly see with Air Jordan sizing is the US Mens to US Womens conversion.

The US Mens conversion is usually 1.5 size difference from the US Womens sizing on a typical US Mens Jordan sneaker size label. For example, a US Mens 7 would say that it's a US Womens 8.5.

However, when you look at the Womens Jordans size label, a US Womens 8 equates to a US Mens 7 when converting to CMs.

Our recommendation is that if you're buying a pair of Air Jordans in US Mens sizing, we would go 1.5 size up from your US Womens Size.

Inversely, if you're looking to buy a pair in US Womens sizing and you are normally mens, we would go down 1 size.

In practice, say you normally wear a US Mens 8 and you're looking to buy sneakers that only come in Womens sizing (for example the Air Jordan 1 Tie Dyes). We would recommend you purchase a US Womens 9 or 9.5 - depending on how snug you want the fit.

On the other hand, say you normally wear a US Womens 7, we would recommend you purchase a US Mens 6 or a US Mens 5.5 if you want a more snug fit.

Both will work for you, but you need to know how snug or loose you generally like your sneakers.


How Do I Convert US Womens To Youth / Grade School (GS) Sizes?

If you have smaller feet, you might be lucky enough to be able to fit into Youth or Grade School sized Air Jordans. 

This would be awesome for you, since Youth / Grade School size sneakers are generally cheaper than Womens or Mens variants.

When purchasing Youth sneakers, sizing for Jordans follow the size chart above. If you're a US Womens 6, we would recommend you purchase Jordan or Nike Size 5Y.

US Womens sizing to Youth Jordan & Nike sizing is just '1 size down', similar to US Mens and US Womens.

Comparing Jordan Sizing vs. Nike Sizing?

The short answer is that Jordan and Nike sizing is the same.

Both brands are manufactured by Nike and so the sizing for both are identical. If you know your sizing for Jordan, then that is the size you go for Nike and vice versa. 

There are certain exceptions, but typically the size you wear for Nike will be the size you wear for Jordans.


We hope this helped clear up any confusion when it comes to picking the correct size for your Air Jordan sneakers.

Regardless of whether you're looking to cop a pair of Jordan 1s in Highs, Mids or Lows, the sizing will remain the same.

Each person's feet is uniquely their own, so you need to also play it by ear! If you feel as though your feet can be wider and you find your current size already too small, always go half a size up.

Goodluck on copping your next pair of Air Jordans!

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