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Seller Fee Policy


Effective April 19, 2021

All fees are listed in AUD Dollars, unless otherwise stated.

To apply to become a seller, click here.

The standard fees Casual Sellers (or those shipping in less than 4 pairs per month) are 17.5% + $10 per sale.

To be eligible to be a Power Seller or Super Seller, you will need to ship in more than 4 pairs per month.



As a PUSHAS Super Seller, you will receive:

  • Lower fee of 12% + $10 per sale.
  • Access to our Off-Site Sales system (Ship After Sale).
  • Cheaper shipping rates to Power Sellers.

The membership price for the Super Seller is $150/month.

It is designed for sellers who are selling 7+ sneakers on our platform per month.

This is to reward sellers with high volumes with the ability to price their sneakers lower - allowing you to keep more profits compared to Power Sellers.

PUSHAS Warehousing & Shipping Service


We will provide services to ship your sneakers to your private buyers or other platforms (both one-off or bulk) if needed.

This will help save you space, time, costs on boxes and save you trips to the post office!

With our subsidised shipping service and warehousing, you get to outsource your business' logistics with PUSHAS. Now you can focus on what you do best - making sales!

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST may be payable for the sales you make on PUSHAS. If you are not sure if this applies to you, please contact the Australian Tax Office and/or seek professional advice about your tax obligations.

If you are required to charge GST on your items:

  • For listings on, your prices must include GST, when applicable. You may not add GST to the final value of an item once it has been won or bought.

  • You are responsible for paying that GST in accordance with the appropriate laws and regulations.