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Zeta Talks Fashion and Life

Born in Sydney but now living in Canberra, Zeta aims to curate her fashion pieces and develop her own style. We had a chat with Zeta to talk about her inspirations, influences and her sneaker game.

Q. Let’s talk more about the name Zeta though, how did the name come to be? Or was it just a spur of the moment thing?

      I guess it’s less of a branding thing and more of a word I resonated with. My birth name isn’t Zeta, but a one point in my life I felt as though it couldn’t be my name anymore. Luckily, my friends around me were very supportive and asked me what I would like to be called. The letter Z came to me, the one with the serifs, but the pronunciation of “zee” and “zed” sounded weird to me so Zeta (the Greek letter Z) came to be!

      Q.Tell us a bit about yourself. Let’s go back to your roots; where did you grow up?

          I was born and raised in Australia, I find a lot of my identity in being Chinese Australian or an “ABC”. Growing up in Sydney, my family moved around a lot. Eventually we moved close to the city, which piqued my interest in art and fashion and all the things that are part of the chaotic city. After graduating, I then continued my studies in Canberra which is certainly a change of pace. I love it a lot!

          Q. What’s it like living there now?

            It’s definitely an acquired taste. Generally, people don’t like Canberra very much but I love it. It’s quiet, it’s calm but there’s always something going on. There’s an “if you know, you know" vibe in Canberra. There’s great gigs, nice cafes, galleries and parks. One of the places I’ve been going to lately is Church Neighbourhood Goods, a great cafe in an alleyway in the city. It was previously a parking lot but now it’s like a cool cafe with a skateboarding inspired look.

            Q. You were asked on your Instagram page, which clothing item you would purchase with an unlimited budget and you answered “any variation of the tabi shoe”. What intrigued you about this style of shoe?

              It makes me a bit sad now that it’s become so trendy, almost hype-beasty. I used to hate it, but now I’m obsessed. Maybe it’s because it’s kind of grotesque that I like it - it reminds me of high fashion fetish culture. It’s also cool that they appropriated the Japanese tabi silhouette and created a different interpretation by solidifying the negative space. I think recently, they collaborated with totokaelo and 12 other artists to come up with 12 different shoe designs, I really like those. I think it’s cool that so much can be done with it. I’m currently scouring the internet for the new tabi loafers, and the heeled strappy sandals. 

              Q. Are there any collabs (artist x clothing brand) that have caught your attention?

                Yes! I study art history, so I have a huge affinity for fine arts and high fashion. Alexander McQueen collaborated with Damien Hirst in 2013 and they came out with 30 scarves which I thought was really cool. McQueen and Hirst both use similar motifs, like butterflies and skulls, so I thought it was perfect.

                There was also a Louis Vuitton collaboration with Xu Bing that I loved - when I was in New York last year doing a Summer course, I came upon Xu Bing’s work at a gallery and actually ended up at his studio. I found it interesting that the LV collaboration produced this big trunk; it really merges the lines between art and fashion.

                Q. Do you attempt to forge a link between fashion, art history and curatorship?

                  I do think there is a connection because my major is curating. I feel like every person’s style is essentially a curation of themselves, if that makes sense. I definitely own some clothes that I perceive and treat as works of art - that’s why usually I put a lot of time and effort into constructing outfits, because I believe things should be chosen and displayed carefully. 

                  Q. The style you embrace is visually eclectic. How would you define your style and what inspires this?

                    I’m so indecisive about these things! I can never stick to one style. I’ve dyed my hair so many colours and redone my wardrobe way too many times. I’ll look back on a dress I wore a few months ago and think: ‘what was I thinking?’. Although, some things have stayed the same, especially my love for monochromes. It’s currently winter so I am aiming for an avant-garde preppy look which I’m not sure if I can achieve. I’m investing in trench coats and knit sweaters, and trying out brands that I haven’t experimented with in the past.

                    Q. What is your favourite sneaker?

                      I’ve really been into the Nike x Comme des Garcons collaborations! Last year during boxing day sales, I bought a pair of the Nike CDG Mowabbs, I love them so much. There was also another collaboration with Comme Des Garcons where they re-created the Nike Cortex with platforms, which was also really cool. 

                      Be sure to check out Zeta’s Instagram at @57px to see more of her style. 

                      Interview and Transcript by Duong PUSHAS

                      Edit by Afra PUSHAS


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