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Kai Suteja Talks Life in Bali, F45 and Gypsyland

Quirky influencer KAI SUTEJA (@urmumsyadad) whips up his own unique universe of videos, memes, festivals and fashion.

He’s a one-man creative corporation determined to provide laughs and entertainment, as he shows in this interview experience like no other where he literally decided to record and edit the interview himself onto various video snippets.

KAI lives and works in Bali, Indonesia and travels back to Australia whenever he feels like it. Throughout the interview, it becomes clear that KAI does things on his own terms. When asked about what sparked his passion for creating videos and events and sharing them to the world, he responded with this:


The randomness of KAI, something which he seems to be well aware of, is a breath of fresh air in the current social media landscape where most influencers dress the same, take the same photos, or send out the same message within their captions.

In responding to our questions, KAI goes from tangent to tangent – when asked ‘what his typical day looks like’ to ‘what’s an interesting hobby or interest you have which many people are unaware of’, you’re never sure what KAI is going to say next.


Yet for as much outward confidence KAI shows on social media, he has maintained a sense of humility.

Having grown up in Bali, Indonesia before moving to Sydney, Australia, he understands that the attention he has gotten so far is the product of hard work.

In many ways, his thoughts and actions reflect a new generation of critical thinkers who don’t want to be confined to some box that others have put around them. KAI wants to be up to speed and doing daring things that have never been done before.


Beyond the memes, KAI is switched on - constantly thinking about the next project. In 2018, KAI created his own festival called ‘Gypsyland’ that was attended by 40,000 people. He then followed it up by transforming his old kindergarten into a trap house for Halloween.

In the fashion world, he has appeared in the Huffer show for NZ Fashion Week 2018, as well as in marketing campaigns for Champion and Glue Store. At 24 years old, he’s already accomplished big things.

Kai seemingly conjures up a magical mix of absurdity and well-thought out execution in all his works.

In wanting to dream big, KAI doesn’t want to follow the well-worn track which he has come to find boring and unoriginal.

From previous interviews, he has stated that he "doesn’t want to be stuck doing something he doesn't want to do". When I asked about his experience at university studying engineering, he says:

In regards to what to expect next year for KAI’s baby ‘Gypsyland’, it also sounds like its going to be bigger and better than ever.

With actual funds for a marketing campaign and Kai's increasing reach on the internet, we can only expect more in Bali, Indonesia.


Finally, I asked him one last question that everyone at PUSHAS always wants to know.

‘What are your favourite sneakers?’


To check out KAI SUTEJA’s ‘Gypsyland’ festivals or other interviews, go to @gypsylandfestivals on Instagram or Or if you want to read more about the Air Max 95, click here.


Words: Campbell PUSHAS
Video Production: Afra PUSHAS
Shot by: Kai Suteja

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